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General Accounting

Answering general accounting tasks Whether it is issuing invoices, invoices, receipts, withholding receipts, making journals, recording income-expenses. including quotation product management and stock management

Tax Calculating

Calculate and summarize the tax balance to analyze and submit to the Revenue Department with just a few clicks

Increase Efficience

Increase efficiency of bookkeeping and business administration. Reduce redundant work and increase the speed of work

Reduce Expenditures

The system has separate accounts for auditors. making it possible to come and review at any time

Organize your ideas with our smart business

Accounting is no longer a headache with AccountFirst, the account manager. You can create a list of customers, quotations, certain bills, invoices, receipts, withholding receipts, payroll accounts. including various accounting reports Anytime, Anywhere

Reduces document preparation time and redundant work of accountants It is also suitable for new business owners. No need to waste time studying the accounting system because AccountFirst will separate the items. including showing important reports about your business automatically. Not an accountant can do it.

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Why people love Office First Invoice Maker.

  • Easy to use, newbies like it
  • Manage accounting documents systematically
  • save time
  • Work anywhere, anytime
  • There is a system to notify the bill due. Account is built for

  • Create quotations & invoices

    Sell - Create product or service information. and customer information

  • Simplify your record -keeping & workflow

    Record - Collect money from customers by issuing invoices, receipts, credit memos, as well as making payments by issuing purchase orders and making withholding slips. The system will record every movement.

  • Reduce your accounting & tax prep

    Track account movements - never miss out on collecting money from customers. With notification of the due date of every invoice. including payment This makes it possible to forecast the company's performance at all times.

  • Simple Invoicing

    Prepare for tax filing – view summary of financial results and financial statements to prepare for tax payment/refund with the Revenue Department immediately.

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