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Monthly Revenue vs Expenses Bar Chart
Monthly Revenue Bar Chart
Monthly Expense Bar Chart
Unpaid Invoices vs Paid Invoices Bar Chart
Unpaid Invoices (Accounts Receivable)
Unpaid or Overdue Bills
Transactions: Sales
Billing Notes/Invoices
Delivery Notes/Tax Invoices
Abbreviated invoices
Attach essential documents to sales documents
Credit Notes
Debit Notes
Create a Sum Total Billing Note/Invoice (for a client with multiple billing notes/invoices)
Transactions: Purchases & Expenses
Purchase Orders
Inventory Received Notes
Payment/Receipt Vouchers (in expense notes format)
Attach receipts (for company expenses) to payment/receipt vouchers
Set multiple tax rates for withholding taxes
Inventory Management
Product List: SKU, name, purchase/sale prices, description, unit, barcode, source
Available inventory for sale and initial inventory/stock amount
Track quantity & value of salable inventory (using invoices, inventory received notes, etc.)
Real-time updates of available inventory when recording purchases/sales
Integration of inventory management system with sales/purchase documents
Average sales and purchase price for tracked inventory
Track the flow of inventory (using stock cards)
Show the value of inventory (using average price and/or first-in/first-out)
Manually adjust inventory quantities on hand (i.e. if available inventory changes)
Export data for flow of inventory (stock cards) as Excel files
Attach images/files to each product in the product list
Asset Management
A systematic way of recording asset details: Code, Name, Date of Purchase, Start Date, Location, Users, Insurance Details
Monitor the number and current value your business's assets
Create an Asset Register & categorize assets
Create presets for value & depreciation of asset types
Record purchasing assets from expense documents
Record existing assets, including previous depreciation
Add custom asset categories
Track & manage your assets, from active use to disposal/sale
Calculate depreciation on the date of sale; update accounts & instantly calculate gain/loss
Calculate & automatically record depreciation expenses
Download your Assets Register as a spreadsheet
Download the Assets Depreciation Report as a spreadsheet
Attach files & images for each asset
Business Reports
Sales Summary Report
Sales Report (by product)
Cash Collection Report
Issued invoices/billing notes
Expenses Summary Report
Inventory Received Summary Report
Inventory Received (by product)
Summary of available inventory
Tax Reports
Sales Tax (ie. Output Tax Report)
Purchase Tax (ie. Input Tax Report)
Withholding Tax Report
Accounting Report
Accounts Receivable Report
Accounts Payable Report
List of Transactions
Budget Report
Trial Balance
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Add Contats and access list of contacts
Document Function
Document Running Number
Document Template
Logo And Stamp
Payment Detail
Document Remark
Opening Balance
Accounting Method
Period Setting

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Beta is the period that we let user join and use without any charges to test the system and get the feedback to develop our application.

Free trial is the period that you can try our ready application before you subscribe a package. Beta is the period that let you help us to test the application and give feedback what you like and don't like so we can develop our application that suites your need.