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(Updated 2 November 2020)
"You need to plan ahead if you're going into business. If you learn accounting and use Office First Account’s tools, you're already going to look more professional."
Diana Monica Singh,
Owner, Viet Concept Restaurant
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Mobile accounting app

Our companion mobile app lets you invoice, update, share and check documents and information on the go.

Digital Business Management Tools

Office First Account online accounting software

Business owners

Create quotations & invoices

Check pending invoices. Systemize receipts. Monitor revenue. Generate an overview of your business's revenue and expenses for this year.


Simplify your record-keeping & workflow

Spend more time assisting business owners on meaningful information and less time on bookkeeping. Help business owners focus on what's worth.


Reduce your accounting & tax prep

Stay synced with business clients so you can prepare monthly tax and accounting reports quickly. Our double entry bookkeeping tools help you record transactions instantly.

Stay on Top of Sales & Essential Information

For small business owners

Scale up even if you're on your own and on-the-go. Record your expenses and send invoices through our mobile app to easily manage your business from anywhere.

Sales & Purchase Forms

Professional sales & purchase documents

Good accounting requires proper documents. Office First Account covers every aspect of documentation with easy to find contacts by using the RD’s database. Our system conveniently helps with step by step purpose-built documents

Office First Payroll

Track expenses with a tap

Recording expenses is easy on-the-go. Upload a photo of your receipt, and simply enter the amount, so keeping track of expenses is worth your time.

Easy receipt scanning and management tool for expense tracking
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Never come up short again

Our inventory management system lets you know what's in stock and what's selling well. Plan ahead and create promotions with confidence.

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Business Management Functions

Automatically calculate the essentials

Our system sorts each entry so we can calculate the essentials for you instantly. Your numbers are always current, so you can submit your taxes quickly.

Bottom Line

Learn when you make a profit

Visualize all purchases and sales information in Office First Account so you can tackle your business decisions. Manage your business better with easy-to-understand graphs.

Connect with Online Payroll Program
Use with our online payroll software, Office First Payroll. An easy to use payroll management with time saving payroll calculation for your monthly salary payment, connecting with K-Cash Connect Plus system by Kasikorn Bank

Bank payroll file function Office First Account kbank Office First Account scb to upload files to the bank website straight away.

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Account Management & Taxes

Prepare monthly with Thai tax laws more easily

Office First Account helps small businesses remain tax compliance. Create documents for sales, purchases, withholding tax and social security, step by step.

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Business Owners & Accountants

Spend more time on meaningful accounting

Our cloud accounting system is built for freelance accountants and accounting firms. Using our online accounting system to collaborate with clients, without leaving your office.

Online Document System

Stop repetitive work

Office First guides clients during data entry, so documents the accountants receive are complete. Work from the same database, so you can stay synced.

One Online Database

TWork on the same numbers

.Easily help answer your client's questions and resolve issues by working together online on the same accounting and financial information.

Online Accounting System

Save time on tax prep & financial statements

Working with tax forms are even easier. Prepare Por Ngor Dor 1, 3, 53 to easily submit monthly taxes.

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It's easy to learn and get started.

Video tutorial

With video tutorials to use all functions Let you start using the Office First system to fulfill your business dreams without interruption.

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